Alfie the Yorkshire Terrier

Alfie the Yorkshire Terrier is the reason this site came into existence. Owned by Justine, otherwise known as AlfiesMummy on the main forum, Alfie was stolen over 8 years ago on the 19th of May 2004 (A Wednesday Afternoon about 1:30 PM). While Justine was walking her dogs in the local nature reserve, she began to play with some of them, turning her back for barely a few minutes and it was then that Alfie was taken. Cruelly seperated from his doting owner, it has likely left pet and owner heartbroken. Justine has dutifully searched for her dog all these years, even going so far as to sell some of her possessions to gather enough money for a reward.

Shortly after her own distressing experience, she has come to realise the pain that others suffer when their dogs are lost or stolen and it was through the loss of Alfie that she created this site. To help others find their dogs and repair their broken hearts. Over the years, Alfie's Lost Dogs is still going, now with Alfie in the pride of place upon our banner. We not only help find dogs now but also various other animals - including a tortoise.

Alfie's theft has featured on several TV shows, where Justine herself often told her story to those interviewing her. To see these videos, simply click the following links below.

Alfie - Stolen

Justine & Alfie

Alfie Slideshow

To Justine, we here at Alfie's Lost Dogs wish her luck finding her dear Alfie or finding an answer to where he has been all these years. To Alfie, we offer our affection and support wherever he is and dedicate this site to his name.

Alfie is microchipped, tagged and castrated. He was wearing a blue, nylon collar when he was stolen, tagged with a heart shaped tag. He was stolen from a nature reserve in Faversham about 1:30PM on May 19th 2004.

If anyone has any information relating to Alfie or any knowledge of where he might be, please don't hesitate to contact Justine on 01795 481 054 or 07776 331 431. Alternatively, contact her on the forum under the name AlfiesMummy.

“I remember the time and day as it sticks like glue in my memory”

- Justine