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T-bone returns after 5 years
« on: November 28, 2011, 05:19:43 PM »
doggone miracle: Family's shock as pet pooch stolen five years ago is found... riding a No.37 busT-Bone the Staffordshire bull terrier was checking out the Birmingham City Centre to Solihull route
Microchip scan enabled him to be returned to his owner
'It is like having your child back - we are complete again,' says Pat Oates

When T-bone the dog was stolen from outside his home, his owners feared they would never see their beloved pet again.

But five years after he disappeared the beloved Staffordshire bull terrier has miraculously turned up again - on a number 37 bus.
Pat Oates was stunned when she received a call saying the dog had been found safe and well riding the Birmingham City Centre to Solihull route.
Mrs Oates, from Solihull, West Midlands, and her three children feared T-Bone had been stolen to order when he was snatched from their drive in September 2006 during a powercut.
 Rover's return: Pat Oates (pictured with relatives) was stunned when she received a call saying her beloved Staffordshire bull terrier, T-Bone, had been found riding the Birmingham City Centre to Solihull route
They thought a callous gang might be looking to use the good-natured dog as a ferocious weapon.
But after the well-travelled 12-year-old pooch was dumped after he developed a cyst, he craftily made his way onto the No. 37 bus undetected.
It was only when the keen-eyed bus driver spotted him in his rear-view mirror that he was taken to Acocks Green bus depot, before being checked over by a nearby vet.
And after his microchip was scanned, staff at the depot were able to reunite the canine with his delighted owners.
Mrs Oates, 48, said: 'We're over the moon to have him back.
 Enlarge    Home again: Pat Oates, from Solihull, West Midlands is delighted to have T-Bone back. Right, she holds the poster after her pet went missing in 2006 - when she feared T-Bone had been stolen to order by a callous gang looking to use him as a ferocious weapon

'We never in a million years thought we would ever see him again - he had vanished completely.
'The kids are so happy to have him back. Some of them were only young when we had him - but they still had fond memories of him.
'We were all devastated when he was stolen from our driveway in 2006. We put up posters and made appeals in the local papers but had no luck.

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'So it was completely out of the blue to hear last Monday that he had been found riding on a bus nearby.
'I was in complete shock, I thought it was a wind-up. It was only when I phoned the vet myself that i realised it was legit.
'I just broke down in tears. It is like having your child back - we are complete again.'

But Pat, who works as a cleaner, wasn't surprised T-Bone, who was snatched aged seven, was found on a bus - as he simply loves to travel.
It was completely out of the blue to hear last Monday that he had been found riding on a bus nearby

She added: 'He always loved going on car journeys and would come along with us on long journeys all the time. He could sit gazing out of the window all day long.'

The family are now having to foot costly veterinary bills after T-Bone was badly neglected by the thieves who stole him.
He has developed a large, painful cyst on his leg as well as severe hearing problems.
Pat said: 'We were all choked up when he first went missing. He was so popular in the local area. Everyone knew him as he would sit out on the drive watching the world go by.
'It is going to cost 200 to 300 for the operation to remove the cyst, but it is definitely worth it to have him back in time for Christmas.
'I just wished the person who had him thought as much of him as we do, as he's been in pain for a while now.'

Leigh Fisher, from 608 Vets where T-Bone was first taken to, said: 'This case highlights the importance of getting your dog microchipped.
'It also shows the importance of taking any stray animal to a vet to have them scanned before choosing to adopt them.
'There may be a worried owner out there somewhere praying for their pet's safe return.'

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