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No Dog Is Safe!
« on: November 07, 2014, 10:32:29 PM »
A CAMPAIGNER whose life was turned upside down by the theft of her Yorkshire terrier nearly a decade ago is warning pet owners that "no dog is safe".

Justine Marlowe was walking Alfie, along with her seven other dogs, at Oare Marshes in May 2004 when he went missing.

The heartbroken 45-year-old, of St John's Road, is convinced her dog was snatched, and has vowed to try and prevent the same happening to other dogs.

She said: "I was playing ball with the other dogs and I saw two people walk past the spot where Alfie was lying down with his sister. The men seemed a bit odd and I waited for them to pass.

"By the time I had realised Alfie was gone it was too late. He was not the sort of dog who would run away or chase rabbits.

"I spent hours searching and putting hand-made posters up. I spent the whole night at the marshes just shouting for him. I was desperate. I even put out a 10,000 reward for him, but heard nothing."

Within a year Justine had set up the Alfie's Lost Dogs website, to spread the word about missing dogs in the area and to widen the search for her them. She gave up her job and now volunteers full-time to help make sure other dog owners don't end up in the same situation.

Alfie's Lost Dogs is one of the largest missing pet organisations in the South East, with thousands of people every day using the website to trace their animals.

Mrs Marlowe, formerly a nurse, said: "When I lost Alfie I felt sick and I thought 'I can't believe this has happened to me'. I never left him, he was my baby.

"It's the worst thing to ever happen to me and it totally changed my life. I've been ill ever since it happened.

"At first I had cancer and now I have a brain tumour, and if it wasn't for my other dogs I would have been suicidal.

"At first I set up the website to help find Alfie, but also to stop it happening to other dogs and to help other people."

Mrs Marlowe and co-founder Chris Page also help to rehome lost animals. Last year Alfie's Lost Dogs helped to find 14 missing dogs in Faversham alone. One dog was found abandoned on the railway line.

Mrs Marlowe added: "We spend a lot of time campaigning about microchipping and raising awareness, because dog theft is common and no dog is safe. I still see people leaving their dogs outside supermarkets, which worries me.

"I just want to make sure no one else has to go through what I went through with Alfie."

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