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searching for Leo
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Help needed to find lost dog Leo who ran away from his Gillingham home after being rescued from Portugal

29 December 2014

by Jenni Horn

Hundreds of people are offering their support to help find a lost dog who was rescued from the streets in Portugal.

Leo, a German shepherd and collie cross, ran away from his new home in Gillingham and has not been seen for almost three weeks.

He was brought to the UK by a charity which helps animals in need abroad and was fostered in Croydon before being found what should have been his forever home here in Medway.


Leo was rescued from the streets in Portugal

Leo was rescued from the streets in Portugal

But just 48 hours after being re-homed, Leo escaped and his new owners were unable to call him back.

He ran off towards Hempstead and was seen the following day, on December 15, at Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre. He made his way on to the M2 motorway near Bredhurst and had to be chased off by police. He has not been seen since.

Chris Page, who runs a lost dogs website, has been handing out hundreds of posters and leaflets to help track Leo down. Almost 200 people have joined a Facebook group set up to help find him.


Leo is a German shepherdcollie cross

Leo is a German shepherd/collie cross

Chris, who lives in Halling, said: “We are all desperate for some news. He will be lost and confused. He is only a young dog and deserves this chance at a new home. It is getter colder now and it is very worrying.”

She added: “I have been running the site for eight years and we have had lots of successes. We just need someone to spot Leo so we at least know what area to look in. We can even send out a tracker dog.”

Leo, who was renamed Fletcher by his new owners, was wearing a red collar and a name tag with Fletcher engraved on it when he went missing. He is micro-chipped.

He is a very timid dog and will run away if chased. But he responds to his name if called gently, from a sitting or crouched position.
If you have spotted Leo, contact Chris on 07887532671.
He is your friend,your partner, your defender,Your Dog! You are his life,his love,his leader! He will be yours,faithful and true to the last beat of his heart! You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion!