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Title: How your dog can be added to forum slide show !
Post by: K9 on January 31, 2009, 12:52:52 PM
 as its not possible to put all the dogs on slideshow it  has to be restricted to dogs that have been registered/added by owners and members or owners/representatives that keep in touch by emails or phone calls or update their dogs page  , Thankyou please email me at

NEW DOGS THAT ARE REGISTERED OR EMAILED TO US WILL AUTOMATICALLY GO IN SLIDE SHOW BUT IF WE NO LONGER RECEIVE UPDATES OR DO NOT SEE YOU ARE ON SITE IF YOU ARE ALSO A  MEMBER THEN YOUR DOG WILL BE REMOVED TO ALLOW OTHERS A CHANCE AFTER A PERIOD OF TIME  .  We will presume your dog is home but  If you are still looking for your dog  and your dog has been removed then please email me  and I will put back on