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BBQ dangers for dogs !
« on: June 25, 2009, 11:59:09 AM »
BBQ fun can spell danger for pets, warns PDSA (Alfresco Eating Fortnight runs until 3 August)

As the UK barbeque season hots up, leading veterinary charity, PDSA, is urging pet owners to ‘paws for thought’ in order to prevent summer mealtimes turning into an alfresco nightmare for household animals. (Alfresco Eating Fortnight runs until 3 August.)

PDSA Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Sean Wensley says; “Every year PDSA vets see many alfresco-related injuries including burns, intestinal foreign bodies, food poisoning and heat stroke. Pet owners can help prevent such incidents by being extra vigilant and identifying and disposing of potential hazards before they cause any harm.”

With research showing that 4% of all of the foreign bodies that PDSA vets remove from pets’ intestines are the central core of a corn on the cob, PDSA vets believe a few simple precautions can ensure a season of fun and sunshine for guests and pets alike.

Here are a few tips to ensure our pets enjoy the alfresco fun as much as we do:

• Eating barbeque scraps can cause stomach upsets such as vomiting and diarrhoea as the food may be unfamiliar or high in fat.

• Lighter fluid for the barbeque can pose a huge threat in the wrong hands or paws! The main harmful ingredients are hydrocarbons, which can prove fatal if digested. Equally, eating hot ash and charcoal can cause burns and stomach irritation.

• Make sure that any left over food, containers and barbeque debris is disposed of carefully in a lidded dustbin. About 4% of all of the foreign bodies that PDSA vets remove from pets’ intestines are the central core of a corn on the cob.

• Chemicals such as pesticides and weedkillers can be harmful if swallowed by pets or if they are in contact with them. It is very important to keep pets away from treated areas. When possible, use products that are safer for pets.

PDSA is encouraging pet owners to pick up its ‘A Safer Garden For Pets’ and ‘Safety Outdoors” leaflets. These leaflets, produced by PDSA, cover a variety of pet care topics and a ‘First Aid for Pets’ leaflet offers advice on what pet owners should do in an emergency. Leaflets are available from PDSA PetAid hospitals and PDSA charity shops nationwide or can be downloaded from the PDSA website,

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