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Save Me...
« on: April 27, 2010, 05:40:28 PM »

Use your vote to ensure that the present laws protecting animals from cruelty are kept in place, more carefully monitored, legally tightened up, and fully enforced.
•We are a group, founded by Brian May, who believe that every creature deserves a decent life and a decent death. We are not a charity, and we are not affiliated to any political party. We are therefore free in the coming weeks to support any political candidate we choose – any politician who serves the needs of animals.
•We believe that there is a grave danger that Britain will soon revert to the barbaric past, when it was legal to hunt down our wildlife with dogs. The current Tory party leadership has vowed, if they win this coming election, to try to repeal the Hunting Act – a law which it took animal-lovers 80 years, and 700 hours of parliamentary debate to bring into effect, by democratic process, in accordance with the will of at least 75 per cent of the population.
•IF this law were repealed, it would become legal to hunt to the death, with brutalised packs of dogs, not only foxes, but stags, hares, and other wild creatures in Britain’s countryside.
•The Tory party leadership has also confirmed that it will immediately dismantle the current 5-year plan for vaccinating badgers against Bovine TB, and instigate a cull instead; in effect, nothing less than the eventual extermination of our native badgers.
•We believe that the British public needs to be clearly told the truth. We do not want the next government of Britain to be able to bully the whole of Britain into policies supported only by a minority – a minority that cannot let go of blood sports.
•We as a group pledge to support any candidate, of any political party, who promises to vote against a repeal of the Hunting law, and against a Badger Cull. We will also help any candidate campaigning to improve the treatment of wild animals, farm animals, laboratory animals, and domestic animals.
•We already have supporters from all three major parties