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This is a poem I wrote for the best friend I'll ever have, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge in October 2007. Bobby I miss you so much, until we meet again Precious Boy.  Luv Mum xxxx

The Shadow
There's a shadow in the hallway, and a shadow in my heart,
A shadow in my home because we had to part
The years have gone so swiftly, too fast I know for sure
I've never know a soul, so loving and so pure.
And so the final journey, oh how it came too fast,
I'm left alone with a river of tears, and my memories of the past
I see your face before me, but know that you’re not there
I'm clutching oh so tightly a piece of your dark hair.
I thank you for a lifetime, for the laughter and the tears
For all the hopes and dreams you gave, and even all the fears
When I was lost you found me, when I was blind you helped me see
Time, it took your body, but Bobby now your free.

So run like the wind, and play in the stars
Take with you a soulful of love
So lie in the sunlight, and play with the clouds
In that wonderful World up above

Dedicated to the Best Friend I’ll ever have
Gwynmardene Playmate
1997 - 2007
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Carole (Saffrons-Mum)

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Really nice  :)
He is your friend,your partner, your defender,Your Dog! You are his life,his love,his leader! He will be yours,faithful and true to the last beat of his heart! You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion!

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Hi, can we cross post this please?
Paul Russell

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What a lovely tribute x

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For Saffrons-Mum

I was very touched by your poem, so I thought that you and others would appreciate this poem by Zahhar.

Beautiful Tears

Try to imagine
Crystal drops
Gentle wonder
Welling forth
Love unfettered
From heart benign...
These are your tears
Your beautiful tears

Try to fathom
Melting snowflakes
Downwardly dancing
Expressing love
From depths of pain
Longing loss
Unyielding hope...
These are your tears
Your beautiful tears

Try to envision
Lone stars falling
From star-speckled depths
Streaking aloft
Dreaming trails
Of unbridled faith...
These are your tears
Your beautiful tears

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