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Welcome to Alfie's Lost Dogs!

Thousands of dogs go missing or are stolen every year and the figures are growing alarmingly. Dog theft is on the increase and it's said to be the fastest growing crime in the UK. Our aim is to offer help, advice and support to the owners of missing dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Please register your missing dog with us, in return we will:

  • Create a poster ready to be printed
  • E-mail vets in the area that your dog went missing from
  • Notify helpers in your area
  • Give you help and advice and most importantly give you support
  • A Word From Justine

    Hello and Welcome to Alfie’s Lost Dogs.

    My name is Justine Marlowe and I am the parent of Alfie, my Yorkshire Terrier, who was stolen on Wednesday the 19th May 2004 at about 1.15pm. “I remember the time and day as it sticks like glue in my memory”.

    I would like to introduce our website, a site that is in my Alfie’s name, a site that will tug at your hearts and souls.

    Because of our determination, this web site has been created, and it is dedicated to my Alfie.

    Justine, Alfiesmummy.